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We are a proud Christian Military family!

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Welcome to Chase N It Farm, home of the ever mysterious dominant White, W15, Sabino colored Arabian and Sporthorses. We also raise 1 or 2 litters of Miniature Australian Shepherds a year available for adoption
Producers of California Variegated Mutant Sheep

Located in Custer Co., South Dakota with one of the most unique Arabian Stallions most have ever seen.
We are extremely blessed and thrilled to say that we have foals from our stallion and farm in Switzerland, England and Australia!

Rhocky Rhoad
is a PUREBRED Bay W15 Arabian stallion with lines of Khemosabi++++//, Bey Shah+, and *Padron.  Rhocky is a purebred Arabian offering the unique color option of Sabino.  The Sabino pattern has NO Lethal white relation!  You can breed for overo, with no risk.  Rhocky is Sweepstakes Nominated, International Arabians In Sport, and Sport Horse Nationals Payback Sire.  Rhocky is a proven producer of quality AND color!  USDF winner and producer of winners!  SCID Clear, CA N/N, Ee Aa

Rhoad Rhave (Rhocky Rhoad X GS April Tscent), is a 2011 Purebred Sabino patterned W15 son of Rhocky Rhoad that is showing potential as the EXCELLENCE we are striving to produce here.  This colt was born a quality purebred Arabian in the darkness of the 3AM hour, in the sunshine he was a painted dream come true!  Excellence in Arabian FIRST, painted dream , ICING ON THE CAKE!  Meet "Harley" and watch as great things come to this EXTREMELY awesome Sabino pattern!  He is sporting 25%+ white, making him an 'Extreme' Sabino.
"Harley" is being retained by Chase N It Farm. He has debuted his show career WINNING his first OPEN show in Color Class and taking home a 3rd in Sport Horse In Hand!  Trained and Exhibiting in Florida with S.T.A.R. Performance Equestrian
.  He is NOT offered for public stud, at this time.
15.2hh at 3 years old, taking a 3rd and 5th at A rated USEF Arab show in SHIH, with impressive remarks!

2015 Purebred Arabian colt --bred by Chase N It Farm--SOLD
RHOCK N RHOMANCE-- aka "Rhomeo" ( Rhocky Rhoad X Jubilee Majic)-- a wonderful blend of Rhocky's lines with a Bask/Aladdinn bred mare.  Maternal brother and Paternal Nephew to the 12 Canadian National Champion Khartoon Majic CRA++.  Rhomeo is a big colt, superior movement, stunning color/conformation and attitude.  He will go far in the AHA and PtHA rings!  Plenty of body white for full registry with PtHA.    Cash/gelding consideration.  email

2015 --90%+ Buckskin/overo colt by Rhocky Rhoad --  Born a miracle!  Anterior Presentation, Ventral Position (upside down) in the birth canal, after an hour of labor, the nearest vet that could come was 2 hours out.  During the wait, myself 9 months pregnant, attempted numerous futile times to rotate this guy in the birth canal.  PR Butter Brickle remained hopeful, and stood strong the entire time I would make attempts.  Finally after over 2 hours of attemps, I managed to get a leg to move and rotate.  I could hear the voices telling me to apply pressure with the contractions and rotate one at a time.....  This huge black foot was turning, and I kept praying as I got the second leg and this face appeared with a lifeless tongue hanging to the side.  The face finally appeared and one shoulder cleared (while the mare is standing), and was able to swipe his mouth and nose and stimulate downward........then his hips seemed to catch, I was still applying pressure to get this guy out, and then waiting for the release in such a manner I could lower him to the ground without dropping him too hard (he was just so big)......  Finally he fell to the ground and looked at me with these huge big brown eyes, and I rapidly cleared his face and started rubbing him down shouting "Praise the Lord", as my two children chimed in, from their view on buckets outside the stall "Praise the Lord"..........the tears flowed......This stunning colt is perfectly marked, fabulously strong, and brilliantly made.  We are working on a name worthy of his greatness.........he is offered for sale, a rare opportunity for those wanting to show AHA and PtHA venues with a rare buckskin overo Arabian.... Over 90% Arabian blood, will be 2A documented with Half Arab registry, though further documents through creme can be found.


2014 Rhocky Rhoad Foals-- bred by Chase N It Farm, all sold, all PtHA full color registered!
Front to back, Rholls Rhoyce, Rhumchata Rhocks and Rhubbernecking

Rhevelation.. Rhocky Rhoad's first purebred son  (2008)
An EXTREME Purebred Arabian--SOLD to Chantal- now in Switzerland!!

Rhockefeller (Rhocky Rhoad X JAA Gala Dancer), below, is a 2012 Purebred Sabino patterned Arabian son of Rhocky Rhoad further accentuates the desires of our breeding program.
  RHOCKEFELLER has been exported to ENGLAND, is now showing and standing at Silvabak Stud in Kent! 



Chase N Reno

is a red tri Miniature Australian Shepherd stud.  He is a Quality Aussie in a "mini" package.  Faithfulness, obedience, and loving! 


Top Quality dogs, with ability, loyalty, and beauty!

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California Variegated Mutant Sheep... hand spinning quality wool--coated for cleanliness! Raw fleeces available for reserve, starting September 2015 for 2016 fleece, all colors.  Left over fleeces, or unfilled purchases will be available and posted to our Facebook pages!  Or email if you'd like to be notified of available fleeces.

Chase N It Farm is dedicated to producing Quality ALL AROUND and SPORT HORSE!  Purebred Arabians and Pintos.  Our horses are bred for ability with credible pedigrees and conformation & brains.

Now offering Freebies, coupons, tips, bargains, deals, ad matching for South Dakota and surounding communities!  Deals from such places as Safeway, Target, Menards, Walgreens and more!


PLEASE NOTE: I respond to emails within 12 hrs unless otherwise noted.  If you do not hear from me, please call and leave a message--I will call you back!!

All Photos appearing on this website (Chase N It Farm)are taken by Cherie of Chase N It Farm and may NOT be used without express written permission.





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