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Often I am asked how it is that I can 'stay at home' with my kids and have my horses and dogs.  Truth be told, we have been blessed with a beautiful farm that provides much of what the horses need, space and nurishment!  We hay our 145 acres to provide for winter, we have a windmill that provides us with water, and bits and pieces collected over the years to keep things going.  Rhocky Rhoad is an amazing attribute to our farm, that I was so blessed to find and able to make payments to make him my own.  He continues to 'earn his own keep' and we are blessed!

Additionally my husband works very hard to bring home the dough, I just work very hard to MULTIPLY it and make sure it grows and provides all our needs.  I confess, I am a coupon user and a coupon blogger!  I have been, ever since my sister in law showed me how much money I could, not only do I save money, but I get things for free and next to nothing and continue to accumulate piles of necessities for less.  I have cut our food and household needs to a FRACTION of what I used to kidding!

So, CHASING BARGAINS, has been born........ is my blog to help share my abundance with you!  WHY? Because we all need help.  I carefully review the local ads and national ads and coupons and share what I find with you, including FREE offers for lots of great things!  So, if you want to join me to see HOW I do it....then subscribe to us at

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Who we are....... Chase N It Farm....... Chase N It and Make N It Real....  #1 goal has always been a well conformed use-able horse and they still are, but now I have new herd sire and new goals.  The new goals include conformation, pedigree, temperaments, and style!  I consider my dreams successful as I ride my 2001 home bred gelding regularily and he is proof positive of where I have been and hopefully, where I am going.

I am Cherie, the owner of Chase N It Farm.  Chase N It is a dream come true.  Since I could remember, I dreamt of having horses and since I had my first dog, a Yorkie, that stole my heart, dogs will be and always have been part of my dream. 

Though I have experienced many challenges in life, the goal of my farm remains--Chase N It and Make N It Real.  This is a very specific statement to me.  As a breeder, I am constantly striving for better and revolving to get as close to breed standard, as possible.  Breeding any animal is a decision not to be taken lightly and many factors are included in it.

My primary goal is to breed top quality animals.....and then.....I found 'icing'.....or color.  Color is fun, but is no substitue for quality!  There are many breeders that produce MORE COLOR, MORE Foals, more puppies and More, more, more, more........I am not one of them.  There is no sense in producing color without credibility.  If that foal is not show or breed worthy in plain color, then it is not worthy with color!

Several years ago, I suffered the loss of a long time companion/best friend of 15 years, additionally I lost my AQHA stallion and dog of 14 years.  I also suffered the loss of some foals I was expecting.  The blow was fast/furious and hard.  All my dreams seemed to be crumbling out from under me.  As a Christian, I believed that everything happened for a reason and that God had some plan for me...but as a human, I doubted that God was watching.    I lost my head, my heart and my goals.  I was sinking fast....yet, I was still incredibly blessed with the lives of the other precious animals in my care.  I worked dilligently to keep my farm going and welcomed 3 new foals and kept the horses and dogs going.  How could I feel betrayed, when this dream was still so close?  Of the 3 foals, I showed 2, and they won everytime!  Something MUST be going right!!!  Selfishly, I thought I was being fact, I needed to let go.......give God a chance to help.

So, I asked my Pastor for help--and 1 week later, I met my future husband.  The man I thought I'd never find, my family assumed I was doomed to being an old maid!  I wasn't looking for love, but it found me.  I wasn't looking to find happiness and a new dream......I was, in fact, MAD --again, for this man trying to make me love him!  Fact being, I fell in love and he supports my dreams and went from being an AQHA man--to thinking those Arabians.......well, they can be really cool--especially the likes of Rhocky and his foals!

Enter my husband, Shawn.  Shawn is one of our brave Army Guardsmen Officers that has been to war and home and is ready in a moments notice to defend our country and go back when called. 

We are refining Chase N It and we have discussed our specific goals.  We are Chase N It and Make N It we welcomed a new generation of Chase N It.... our baby girl arrived in April, 2010!!!!!!!!!!!  Another MAKE N IT REAL dream.. Shiloh, joined our family from Heaven above!

Never stop dreaming or pursuing.....

I am a dog trainer that is accredited with the Animal Behavioral College, I have trained numerous service dogs--privately and for others, I have shown multiple champions, I have earned all my obedience titles and was amongst the first to do agility when it was just starting.  I love training dogs and my mini aussies and I enjoy pursuing adventures!  I enjoy Search and Rescue with Mirage and watching Vegas dive in the pool.....or pheasant hunting with my herding dogs. 

We love participating in the cattle round up at our neighbors on my homegrown gelding and with my homegrown mini aussie at my side.

We love helping our neighbors haul hay, babysit, or play games.  I enjoy learning MORE about my animals and teaching MORE to others.

We are real people, with real dreams and reality!  We can offer references on any of our animals and hope to make a new friend--anytime.

Visitors welcome...come pet a foal, hug a pup, eat a fire roasted hotdog.........or just hang out!
call 605-484-8147

UPDATE:  We have recently added some California Variegated Mutant sheep to our farm.  This is project for the kids to enjoy, as well as provide us with some natural, next to the skin soft wool...check them out!  We have lambs/ewes for sale and will be selling raw fleeces and roving.

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