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In Memory

This page is dedicated to the ones I have loved that have gone on to greener pastures.  They added to my life in ways, that I cannot thoroughly express, and they took a piece of me with them when they left.

I share with you my precious memories.......

VEGAS 2005-2013
This girl, holds my heart--and on 01/14/2013-- a huge peice of my heart went with Vegas when the angels took her.  We lost Vegas, by an accident on the farm.....  I've lived the moment every day since I lost her.  She is still with me and my family in the broken peices of our hearts.  Vegas IS forever loved by us.  She was my toddlers angel-that has taught me more then words can say about being a patient mom, loving and forever endeering.  She taught her own daughter, Mirage, how to be a wonderful mom.  My house is full of memories, photos, and the love that we shared.  She was one of the greatest and her love and life, lives on. 


GS April Tscent  2002-2015-we are sad to report that we lost Mia to colic in August of this year.  She is terribly missed.
Purebred, dual registered Arabian mare.  "Mia" is a beautiful proven broodmare that is a joy to ride, she is the dam of Innishfael Maximuss (by Innishfael Dragon)  "Max" was the 2008 MN Pinto Futurity Reserve Champion and a 2009 World Pinto Champion in Halter.  She is also the dam of Innishfael Oro that has been exported to FRANCE and her 2012 BLACK Arabian filly (By Rhocky Rhoad) has sold to AUSTRALIA and is waiting export towards the end of 2013.  Additionally--she is the dam of our Jr. Stallion Prospect, RHOAD RHAVE. 

SWEEPSTAKES NOMINATED.  She has a beautiful pedigree th
at we feel will compliment Rhocky, along with her lovely conformation.  She goes to Aladdinn, El Hilal, and Bey Shah. 


2014 Sabino colt... Rholls Rhoyce, sold to Kristin of NC

Mia delivered us a BLACK RABICANO FILLY for 2012!!! 
Rhumor Rhocks ~~ Rhumor, as we knew from birth, would stir up 'Rhumors' because of the rare chance to get a black horse from a bay and a chestnut, but DNA confirmed that Rhumor is--black and winter hair, confirmed it, as I knew from watching her be born!  She is as exquisite as her brother Rhoad Rhave!

Rhumor Rhocks has SOLD~~ to Australia!

Click Harley's photo to see more of him...........INTRODUCING... Rhoad Rhave, aka "Harley" is an extreme sabino with outstanding conformation. 
 Generous payment plans available.  If you want COLOR and you want ARABIAN WOW--this is the foal to reserve.  Mia has not dissappointed!  She has 3 colts on the ground, including WORLD PINTO HALTER CHAMPION...and no doubt Harley will achieve, as well.  For the QUALITY shopper!  Contact us at OR find us on facebook!  Chase N It Farm.  Harley's pedigree IS STUFFED FULL-- Khemosabi, Bey Shah, Padron, Aladdinn, El Hilal and more.  CALL 605-484-8147  -- Harley is now in Orlando, FL where he is in training and will show!  He is not available to public stud at this time.

CLICK HERE for "Mias" pedigree.

 On March 18, 2008, Jerry lost his battle with cancer and rode off into the morning light.  My life will never be the same, my heart forever broken.....  It isn't what you take with you when you go, but what you leave behind.  Everything I am today--is a result of knowing this wonderful man.  I'll love and miss him forever.
Please note: if you are diagnosed with Cancer--please seek help from MD Anderson or the Mayo Clinic or another top related cancer care facility.  We assumed that our local cancer care center must have had the answers--after all they are called a Cancer Care Center.  Truth is--their treatment was NOT all that was available.  We found out, too late to save Jerry--please don't waste time, immediately seek out reknowned treatment centers.  Cancer is fast and furious--with little room for error or even a week delay can cost you so much!  Don't accept your doctor refusing to give you a referral.  Jerry was refused a referral by our local CCC--when that doctor finally admitted his defeat--his referral was to hospice.  You do not need a referral to Mayo--you do need to make the call! TODAY!


On March 23, 2008--"Doc Zips Rebel Chip"..aka... Rebel or Runt (as Jerry called him)--died in his paddock from a form of rhino that attacked his kidneys.  In my heart--I believe that the angels came to help Jerry honor his promise--of riding Rebel in the summer of 2008.

 On March 13, 2008--"Chase"--my first Australian Shepherd of 14 years lead the way for Jerry and Rebel.  She was a good ole girl--that was always happy and entertaining of the neighbors.  She was everything an Aussie is......and she was the name sake for my farm.  Together we Chased our dreams. 


Sparkling Blu Baron Bo-Jest CD,CGC, AAD (photo coming soon)--Yorkshire Terrier 1987-2003, "Bo" left me after 16 years of life.  I helped deliver this puppy, raised him, competed in my first obedience competitions, agility competitions, canine good citizen testing, and we blazed a trail for Yorkies in competition.  Agility was not recognized by AKC when we started doing it!  We were approached by an International team that was just starting--and they asked us to join!  Bo would blindly do whatever I asked--because he trusted me unconditionally.  He taught me that love can be unconditional.  He was the one that was truly Heaven Sent.  God --sent my angel to help me make it to who I am today.


Northstar Phantom (photo coming soon)--Black Arabian stallion.  This little gangly colt--arrived and forever instilled my love of Arabians.  He sired a few colts--including the gelding that I adore, Gator.  He turned his intestines beyond repair--but he left behind a piece of him that is a huge part of who we are today!  Our goal of raising SOLID, Intelligent, Trainable, Arabians--and part Arabians......came from him!

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